Respecting women vs valuing women

In the wake of the recent "me too" movement and the allegations that seem never ending, I've been wrestling and considering and wondering how we got here. This issue is complex, uncomfortable, and heavy. But I have wholeheartedly come to the conclusion that it is worth delving into. And in my attempt at delving, I … Continue reading Respecting women vs valuing women


Why we love This Is Us

We crave real We see the contrast between shallowness leading to emptiness and depth leading to fulfillment. We cheer when Kevin calls out Olivia for running from anything that might feel genuine and we weep when he tells Sophie he himself is an empty shell of a person. Sometimes we too feel empty and incapable … Continue reading Why we love This Is Us

A letter from a tantrum throwing toddler Mom at Target

Dear random people in the store today, Yes. Me here. The one whose once sweet-and-calm daughter sitting in the cart turned not-so-sweet-and-calm. Yeah, whose headband was no longer in, hair was everywhere, nose was snotty, and was acting completely unruly. Guilty as charged. Well, I just wanted to tell you a few things. I’m home … Continue reading A letter from a tantrum throwing toddler Mom at Target